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About Us


Article in the San Leandro Times

Welcome to Von Elite Rottweiler Kennel. We are Code of Ethics Breeders located in the Bay Area, California. We actively compete in conformation showing, work our dogs in IGP and suit sports, and are proud members of the United States Rottweiler Club, South County Schutzhund Club in San Jose, and the San Jose German Shepherd Dog Club (yes, with our Rottweilers). Ron is currently Northwest Regional Director for the USRC and President of South County Schutzhund Club.

Von Elite is dedicated to preserving the Rottweiler breed by producing quality Rottweilers from the best bloodlines the world has to offer. Our dogs are titled in work and show, and have obtained passing health clearances prior to being considered for our breeding program. Because Germany has a higher regulated and therefore more successful breeding program, many of our dogs are imported directly from Germany. Our puppies are home-raised and well socialized.

Von Elite breeds for the total Rottweiler; a dog that embodies breed type, working ability, and sound temperament. We follow the FCI (Fédération Cynologique Internationale) Breed Standard and do not dock tails on our Rottweiler puppies. The standard calls for the tail to be, "in natural condition, level in extension of the upper line; at ease may be hanging." Many U.S. breeders have also elected to follow this standard.

We believe people deserve to own the best quality companion they can. Our dogs are proven suitable for breeding through health clearances, show titles that demand structurally sound and well built dogs, and working titles that demonstrate consideration into true Rottweiler temperament. There are too many dogs being bred that should not, and the result is poor quality offspring with poor temperament, that often end up in shelters. Titles state that the dog earning them was suitable not only in their owner's mind, as most owners will swear their dog to be perfect, but the mind of a Rottweiler professional. 

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